Posted by: Graeme Thickins | November 2, 2009

We Got a Patagonia Grant!

Patagonia-logoThe MN-Superior chapter of Surfrider Foundation is proud to announce we’ve received a $1000 grant from the Patagonia store in St.Paul to use to advance our mission and programs. Several members and their families gathered at the store around midday on Saturday (Halloween!) for the awards ceremony.  (See our previous post for further info about this Patagonia program.)


Chapter chair Stefan Ronchetti (at right in photo) accepted the award, and plans to scan the document so we can post it on our web site. We’ll use the grant to help fund some of our initiatives locally, including helping to advance Surfrider’s “Rise Above Plastics” national initiative.

Here’s a shot of me with Ellen, the manager of Patagonia’s St. Paul store.  Graeme-EllenWe’re really lucky to have a store here in Minnesota! And we want to sincerely thank Ellen and her crew, as well as the entire Patagonia organization, for supporting the mission of environmental organizations like ours. We also have to remember to thank our now-relocated member Dr. Jim Perry  (he just moved to San Diego) for taking the time to apply for this Patagonia grant. He’d been through the process once before, with the Connecticut chapter, where he helped that group get off the ground.  Jim, thank you — we couldn’t have launched our MN-Superior Chapter without you!  And we hope you’re enjoying the great (warm) waves out in North County right now…

And I just can’t end this post without including this great shot of Stefan, Ryan Patin, and Sean McNally after we received our grant. Ryan brought his laptop and showed us some awesome footage of them surfing at Stoney Point in epic wave conditions, about three weeks ago — along with several other of our local and Duluth-area surfing friends. Ryan’s friend Dana shot this extended video, and I’ll be sure to post links to some clips when I get them. Ryan, Stefan, and their ladies are headed out to Southern California later this week, to camp at San Clemente State Park and surf at San Onofre. Have fun, guys!




  1. Right on Ryan and crew, keep up the good work. Burton

  2. Way to go everyone!

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