Posted by: Graeme Thickins | January 18, 2010

Our ‘International Surfing Day’ Event – June 19th!

Save the date, and, for more details as they are announced in coming weeks and months, click “Attending” here on our Facebook event page!  There, you can also “Share” the event with your networks, and/or invite others. Hats off to Matt Pensyl (our secret weapon from San Diego) for launching the Facebook page — and for leading the charge to organize what’s stacking up to be a really cool, fun event!



  1. how are ya and hope to see ya soon, greg

  2. Note that our screenshot above in this post, of our Facebook event page, was done when the location was originally announced as Lake Harriet in Minneapolis … but the venue has been changed to Duluth’s Bayfront Park! (If you click the link to the Facebook page within the text of the post, that will take you to the correct info.)

    Greg – we’re looking forward to having this gig in your neck of the woods! You’ll have to bring some of your VERY COOL surfboard chairs…


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